Life can be stressfull. It has it’s ups and downs for everybody; but sometimes any given circumstances can make it hard for somebody to feel confident. You feel like the stress from work has gotten to you –and you’re having a hard time to live up to the expectations from your boss, your collegues, your employees, your family or your friends. Sometimes there is a very specific trigger to the difficulties you are experiencing, more often than not there is not 1 single thing you can point out that explains your present experience. It’s just there.


The same thing can happen when we live our personal lives: relationships can be troublesome. People you care deeply about can get sick or pass away. You might struggle from an addiction, kids might have a rough time at school; or you’re asking yourself the question ‘is this it?’.


This point is what I call the Blownout. defines blownout as ‘where the onshore wind turns the surf into an unrideable mush’.


It’s when you have the feeling you don’t know how to surf the sea of life anymore. Or you do, but you are looking for some help to change directions – or simply improve your ‘surfing skills’.


That’s where Blownout comes in. Blownout is a psychotherapy practice, which has been set up to guide you and rediscover your own unique goals, values and resources as well as to train your organization to do so.